VBI is building an exciting new on-line learning system on a very sophisticated platform. We will be adding in a wide variety of workshops that can be experienced through computers or hand-held devices such as IPhones and tablets. Our institute login page can be found here.

The program:

  • Will be available on a pay-per-view or annual subscription basis. When given a subscription, your company will be provided with a password that will enable your employees to register and engage in online learning. You will be given limited administrative rights to view the progress of your team.
  • Is packed with tools to interact within your team or with others in the VBI learning community through blogs, ask-an-expert sites and other features.
  • Offers ways to test your employees on what they have learned and produce training reports.
  • Provides a way for you to reinforce what was learned through our in-class seminars, or bring new people on board with what was learned.
  • To create your own online Learning Management System/ learning platform for your organization, contact www.torchlms.com