Vision is the breakfast of champions. Feedback is the lunch of champions. And self-correction is the dinner of champions.
— Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Most progressive teams today are discovering the value of personal 360 degree leadership profiles as a means of helping leaders privately understand their strengths, challenges and weaknesses as leader. From such feedback, they are able to create action plans to leverage their strengths and overcome possible challenges. Some survey companies are content to “hand off” the survey data to individuals without providing them with a process for turning feedback into change. VisionBound International’s Strength-based Leader Profile goes far beyond this by providing a defined system of personal development.

  1. We have created an accompanying Strength-based Leader Workbook that guides each person through their self-interpretation of their 360 results and leads them in the process of creating their own Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) as a foundation for their growth and for possible one-on-one coaching with our team experts.
  2. We include an extensive reading and resource list tied to the eight leadership competencies measured by the 360 and work with each person to help them select the right books and resources for their growth.
  3. We then offer one-on-one personal coaching, using a “Great to Greater Development Program.” It gives participants specific assignments to do between coaching sessions and guides them in creating their personal mission statement, personal leadership credo/philosophy, personal values, and in setting SMART goals for themselves and their teams and creating an Individual Contribution Plan for the coming year. This interlaces nicely with the ILDP created from their 360 analysis.
  4. The data from their separate reports (except for open-ended responses) are combined into a team aggregate report which we can use to analyze the strengths and challenges of your team as a whole. Individuals are also able to relate their data to the group norms. Often we see where personal challenges/weaknesses also are common to the whole team due to the culture and other group factors.
  5. We recommend pairing participants up with an accountability partner with whom they can work to hold each other accountable for the commitments they make.
  6. We run the 360s again in six to twelve months to see how individuals and the team has progressed.
  7. Finally, we offer an online Vital Signs Survey that is sent out to all members of the organization. It measures staff opinions on over thirty questions that experts have identified as vital signs of a healthy organization. See here for a template which we will customize and launch the same time as the 360s.
  8. A sample profile is here and a sample workbook here.

Program Design:  We have found the following design to be the most effective in creating, building, and growing leaders. It can be customized to best fit the needs of your team.

Pre-Work Phase:

  1. We launch the 360s through the company we contract with: SurveyConnect. We provide them an Excel spreadsheet that shows all the participants along with all those who will be rating them. We recommend that leadership has a hand in selecting who rates whom, but also we allow participants to add names. We have found that when you let them do all their own selecting there is a human tendency to not invite those who might be more critical. 
  2. SurveyConnect loads up the data and launches the 360 process. Participants can see how many responses they have coming in but not the names of those who responded. We can also pull an aggregate response report to see the percentage of responses at any given time. We set up dates for SurveyConnect to send out “smart reminders” that go out to those who have not responded yet. We normally do this weekly and two days prior to the deadline.
  3. When we launch the 360 we also launch the Vital Signs survey which goes out as a single link but to all of the organization’s members.  
  4. When we hit the deadline, we pull out and print each person’s 360 and bind it and also pull the aggregate data for the team as a whole as a comparative. We also run the Vital Signs survey data, which includes the Net Promoter Score question:  “How likely is it you would recommend working for _____ to a friend or colleague.”

Delivery Phase:  Our recommended/preferred method would be:

  1. Bring the whole group together for a full 4-6 hours. Get as many as possible together physically and remote the others in. First, we review and mind-map the Vital Signs survey data and compare it to the 360 aggregate data. We have a robust discussion around the issues and overall health of the team and determine SMART goals and actions. Then, we hand out the 360s and the workbooks and walk everyone through the process, letting them work for at least two hours to walk through their reports and fill out the workbook action pages, section by section. We are there to assist and help them interpret the data. We pair them up with an accountability partner.
  2. Set a date about a week out for them to complete their analysis and create their ILDP’s. We recommend requiring them to submit a copy of their ILDP to their manager and sit down with him or her to discuss what they learned and what they intend to do as actions. They do not have to show anyone their actual report unless they want to, but they do need to present their action plan. 
  3. Set up one-on-one coaching schedule with each person. Normally we recommend a good three hours with each person, probably in three one-hour sessions, and extendible if needed. This is normally done by phone or Skype, but is even better face-to-face when feasible.
  4. Run the 360 process and Vital Signs again in six to twelve months and bring everyone in for another session. Each person can report on what they feel they achieved and how they grew through the process.


  1. $150 for each 360 survey, each time it is run ($300.00 for pre and post surveys.)
  2. $25 for the accompanying workbook, per participant.
  3. $5 per response on the Vital Signs survey. If you invited the whole team and only thirty answered, it would be $150.
  4. $4,000 day rate for each day our coach is on the ground with the team or coaching face to face in person on location. This normally includes expenses, but can go some higher due to distances and expenses involved.
  5. $150 per hour of phone coaching.
  6. If you want to customize the questions or the 360 there is a fee from Survey Connect that depends on how many changes are made. 

Also note that VBI has an extensive selection of workshops that build leadership skills which scrolls below.   Once we have all the survey data we can easily select those workshops that would benefit the most.   The day rate would be similar.