One standard we adhere to is the importance of “diagnosing before we prescribe.” We want to hone in exactly on the job to be done with you and your team. In addition to consulting with you and your leaders, we recommend administering one or more of these customizable assessment surveys. Please click on the links to see the template for each survey but know that we can add or change the surveys in any way you wish.

We typically administer any of these surveys as a service to you at no cost, which itself is a very valuable offering.

Vital Signs Survey: This popular survey assesses a number of key “vital signs” of your organization, including morale, leadership, culture, empowerment and other crucial factors. It goes out to everyone in the company and data can be filtered out by department or any other criteria.

Culture SurveyThis is a more in-depth survey that analyzes many aspects of the team culture.

Results Survey: This short survey will help identify the key results you could focus on for the coming year and provide data about the four areas of greatness: Great People, Great Leaders, Great Execution and Great Trust. Again, it can go out to every staff member.

Vision/Mission SurveyWe typically run this survey prior to helping you develop your strategy, vision and mission. This survey will bring in ideas from everyone in the company on what they want to see in a vision/mission and strategy.  Participation wins commitment and ownership.

The Strength Based Leader 360 Personal Profile: This web-based survey can be done for each executive or leader and it provides feedback in eight key areas of leadership skills. It is a true “360,” since it goes out to self, manager, peers, direct reports and others. We can pull everyone’s data into a team aggregate which is useful for analysis of the team’s strengths and challenges as a whole.

Our OD Consulting Team can also come to lead focus groups and do one-on-one interviews to give a deeper-dive study into your culture and provide our recommendations.