If you are looking for a true adventure program for your team that combines adventures in exotic locations with world-class leadership training and team building, read on!

The VisionBound team will introduce you to an extraordinary program for developing your current and future leaders. The Reach the Summit program does exactly that: help your company and your team to envision new summits and give everyone the motivation and skills needed to achieve them!

You will be guided in your ascent by the Reach the Summit Team, which includes Kevin Miller and Jeff Evans, the world-renowned mountaineer who led the expedition that included Eric Weihenmayer, the first blind man to reach the summit of Everest.

Our goal is to help your team envision the summit or summits you want to achieve and the route to get there. We do this by gathering them around a wall-sized laminated poster of Mount Everest. Using post-it paper, we will help you create a powerful visualization of the summit and identify the route and milestones each team needs to take en route to the summit. We will also identify the obstacles you will face and discuss how to overcome them.

We then customize the rest of the Reach the Summit program by drawing upon over twenty modules and courses that can be presented over the length of the program, which can be as long as you wish. Normally, we present these modules in two or three day series of “camps” in programs we have named after three great summits in the world: Denali, Kilimanjaro and Everest.

If you wish, we recommend culminating in a great outdoor team-building and application program in a high-adventure setting. We have a number to choose from, ranging from a low-impact cruise adventure or white-water rafting to actually taking your team to Africa or Peru or Japan to hike Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Mount Fuji!

We hope your interest is challenged by this concept and we would be delighted to fill you in on the details and tell you exactly how we can help you and your team reach summits beyond your dreams. We are standing by to provide you the learning adventure of a lifetime.

Contact us for more details on our programs.