Healthcare has more regulation to deal with than most. These regulations bring their own challenges, from the financial costs of compliance to the morale hit that comes with the implicit message in these regulations that you and your employees aren't trusted. To top it all off, with reimbursement cuts from insurance companies and Medicare alike, you need to do all of this while becoming more efficient - the healthcare equivalent of overhauling your engine while going down the freeway at 65 MPH. As a result, we have come up with a special series of classes meant specifically for your organization, helping you to become more efficient, stay compliant with current regulations, and do it in a way that doesn't break trust with your employees and clients. 

Compliance Track

HIPAA and the HITECH Act HIPAA regulations were created in the early 2000s with an eye towards greater privacy for patients while creating an avenue for more interadoptability between software vendors. 2013's HITECH Act takes HIPAA to the next level, with truly consequential penalties for data leaks and breaches. 

The Two Cudgels: Stark and Antikickback These two laws are both intertwined and seemingly contradictory. The Antikickback act has its roots in the Civil War, while the Stark laws are much more recent. How can you be compliant with both regulations and still get and give referrals?

The Sunshine Act Also known as the "what happened to all that great stuff from my vendors" act, this codified limits on what software, hardware, pharmaceutical, and other representatives can give to medical providers, especially doctors. Learn what you need to know to stay protected.

Efficiency Track

Transitioning to Electronic Records A botched transition to an electronic chart can have untold consequences, from lower efficiency to projects that become hopelessly over budget to a costly do-over that can set your company back over a year. Learn what you need to ask and what you need to evaluate in your quest to modernize your chart room. 

New Ways of Finding Old Money In times of plenty we often allow our budgets to get a little soft around the middle. When cutbacks come, and with payers doing everything they can to limit the cost of healthcare they are already here, your company can't afford to allow frivolity to reign. Discover some time tested tactics to lowering your spend in every area, including scoreboarding efficiency statistics, negotiating, and renegotiating with vendors to utilizing what you already have to get your costs in line.

Making Mileage Work for You Your employees love mileage reimbursements, especially if they are being provided at the IRS allowable rate. What many providers don't know is that the IRS rate does not have to be what you pay your employees. Learn how to create a system that isn't just fair to your employees, but that is fair to the company as well.

Reducing Rehospitalizations The central focus of Medicare in the war on healthcare costs is in the hospital and they are using payments as a weapon to stop what they deem as unnecessary rehospitalizations. Learn how to go about creating partnerships between hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies to make your rehospitalization rate really plummet. You will also discover new techniques and ways to scoreboard your employees to help them naturally bring down your rates.

The Future Track

ACOs: The Next Frontier Do you want to be a part of an Accountable Care Organization? If so, what steps do you need to take to become a part? If there are already ACOs in your area, what are they looking for in future partners? Why do ACOs matter? Who should I include if I choose to start my own?

Lobbying Congress One of the most terrifying things you can do is go to Capitol Hill and beg for regulatory relief and/or additional funding. Compared to this, doing open heart surgery is a piece of cake. However, lobbying doesn't start with your visit to the office of your Congressman or Senator. What do you need to know and do beforehand to be seen as a partner, not an adversary, in the Government's never-ending quest to try and reign in budgets. What role do your local representatives play, and how can you enlist their assistance? 

Blue Ocean Strategies What is next in healthcare and how can you be on the leading edge? What are some ways that you can be innovative in an industry where every regulation seems to work against you innovating?