We used VisionBound International’s program to revolutionize how our nurses, clinicians and staff interact with our patients and customers. Through the inspiring skills he provided, we doubled our customer Net Promoter Score, and as a result, grew our customer count significantly. Not only that, it returned the joy of true service into the hearts of our providers. The Hot-tip and Quick-tip cards were particularly powerful tools and we use them to reinforce the skills. You definitely want to use this program!
— Marilyn Mower, CEO, First Choice Home Health & Hospice
As director of the United Indian Health Services team in Northern California, I invited Kevin R. Miller to bring his customer loyalty and leadership programs to our entire staff of over 250 people and thirty leaders. This program has revolutionized how we care for our patients, each other and interact with the community. The practical tools it provides has given both our clinicians and support staff the ability to interact with our patients and customers in new ways, showing care and concern and understanding their needs more accurately. The leadership training has provided our leaders with skills on how to inspire and motivate their staff, create impactful goals and accountability systems and improve almost every area of our operation. The combination of customer loyalty and leadership training has hit the mark. We even had Kevin come and work with our Board to help board members learn their strategic leadership role. I highly recommend this program!
— Vida Know, CEO, United Indian Health Services
The Customers Only Want Two Things program has greatly enhanced our team’s ability to deliver superlative care to our patients and customers here in the Navajo reservation. The VBI team traveled out to the various clinics and offered a series of inspiring sessions on how to interact in new and better ways with our patients. Our clinicians and staff learned specific things they can do when working with patients and customers to provide that extra-touch that makes all the difference. This program works!
— Donna Singer, CEO, Utah Indian Health Services