VisionBound International offers powerful one-on-one or one-on-group Executive Coaching. An outside expert mentor can offer insights and tools to guide you on a customized, confidential path to greatness.

An executive coach can help guide you in:

  • Discovering and creating your personal mission statement, values, leadership credo
  • Creating personal SMART goals for your life or leadership development
  • Serving as your personal accountability partner, “sounding board” and problem solver
  • Advising you confidentially in issues you might have with another employee or peer
  • Helping you attain personal goals and identify your strengths through our Finding Your Flow and 4 Lenses program.

We offer this service in various ways. The ideal option would be face-to-face in person. However, we can also provide this service via telephone, video conference, or other virtual means. If virtual meetings are desired, the optimal choice would be an initial face-to-face meeting with subsequent appointments being handled via other means. The best option would be to contract for a certain number of sessions at a negotiable block price.

It would be an honor to assist you in your personal and professional development!