A unique combination of character, competence and enthusiasm has made Kevin an extraordinary teacher.
— Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Keynote Presentations

Leading from the Helm: Unlocking the Power of Great Educational Leadership

In this dynamic presentation, Kevin likens leading our schools to taking the helm of a ship during turbulent times. Using some great examples from history and his experiences as an educator, Army officer and corporate and civic leader, Kevin will help us understand that leading a school or classroom is much different than managing it.  Leadership is not a mystical power: it comes from the heart and from learned skills that all can master. And it is something we all can apply no matter where we are in our organization. This keynote will open your mind to how you can become a more powerful influence for good in your schools, homes and the world.

Finding Your Voice: Unleashing the Power of Personal Influence

Every single person is a leader, for leadership is not a position, it is influence, and everyone is constantly affecting the world around them in a positive or negative way.  In this powerful keynote, Kevin describes and illustrates the seven things we can choose to "radiate" to others around us, thus changing the culture, the environment and the feelings in our schools, classrooms, teams, our families and our communities.  Each person receives a fun profile tool to analyze what they are currently radiating and make goals to increase and improve their personal leadership power.  Illustrated with great visuals and inspiring stories, this has fast become one of Kevin's most popular keynotes around the world.

Stress-OUT!: Managing Personal and School Stress

Stress is increasing at an alarming rate in education, for both adults and children. This engaging keynote is a fast favorite because of the high audience involvement it generates. Using personal and audience involvement, Kevin presents eight fun tools for relieving stress at work, in our classrooms and at home.   The audience actually practices some of these great tools such as deep breathing, imagery and relaxation, and experience the power of baroque music, aroma therapy and humor.  Everyone also wears a "bio-dot" which is a simple tool for measuring changes in body temperature caused by stress.  This is an unforgettable and relaxing keynote or break-out session for any conference, and is ideal for faculty and administrators alike.

That We Might Have Joy: Living a Balanced Life

Parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, career, community…how can we possibly keep so many roles in balance?  Do you ever get that feeling that, despite being as busy as a human can be that your life should have more meaning than it does? In this popular presentation Kevin presents key concepts about how we can live richer and more balanced lives. The result can actually be MORE productivity, not less, in all of our roles as we become more effective, not just more efficient.  Kevin spices it up with stories of balance/unbalance and allows participants plenty of time to share ideas with each other in this interactive presentation.

Raising “DE” Bar: Igniting the Discretionary Energy in Others and Your Team

Wouldn’t it be great to feel truly "turned on" in your work and be surrounded by associates who are also motivated and excited to bring their best to the job at hand?  How do we release the “discretionary effort” of others: that energy they choose to give above and beyond the minimum they have to give? This engaging keynote provides a concrete understanding of motivation along with ideas and tools for motivating and empowering yourself and others through a number of powerful tools.  The concepts apply equally well in leading and teaching children.

Of One Mind: The Art of Interpersonal Communication

It seems like almost all problems between people boil down to communication: or the lack of it.  This highly interactive keynote provides a concrete understanding of effective communication along with ideas and tools for communicating effectively with others.  Kevin livens it up with lots of useful tools, video clips and examples from home and office, and interactive discussion between participants to practice some of the skills.  It is enlivening and fun for all!

Breakout Sessions and Presentations

We invite you to use us in any number of break-out sessions during the time we are at your conference or meeting.  Any of the keynotes listed can be 1-2 hour break-out sessions, and below is a list of others we can present for you.  Each has an outstanding handout packet and all are highly energetic and interactive.  

  • Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations Overviews:  these provide overviews of the skills needed by staff and faculty to safely deal with difficult conversations and confrontations.  This has been a favorite program and Kevin has done groups as large as 350 faculty and staff.
  • Customers Only Want Two Things!:  Providing World-class Customer Service in Schools
  • VisionBound: Creating and Connecting to a Powerful Mission and Vision
  • StrategyThink:  Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Round Pegs, Round Holes: Interviewing and Selecting the “right hire.”
  • Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Principles and Practices of Effective Leaders
  • From Conflict to Synergy: Resolving Interpersonal and Group Conflict
  • Power Down!: Effective Delegation
  • Of One Heart: Building Effective Teams
  • Turn ‘Em On! : Motivating and Rewarding People and Teams
  • Creative Teaching Techniques
  • Born Free!: Managing Personal and Organizational Time
  • Zapping Up Your Meetings:  Ten tips and tools for conducting effective meetings
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities: How to work with chronically difficult folks in life
  • Now Hear You: Becoming a Powerful Listener           
  • Decide Right!: Improving Decision-making                
  • Right On Time: Managing and Tracking Projects
  • Out of the Box: Creative Problem Solving in Education and Life