Below are listed most of the courses and workshops VBI offers. All are highly interactive and are designed to bring both individuals and leadership teams to new levels of effectiveness. They are most often   prioritized and combined in a highly customized program based on need surveys. They are arranged into five “tracks” or academies for specific teams: executives, emerging leaders, new leaders, seasoned leaders and customer service teams, as shown in the Institute Syllabus.

To be effective long-term leaders and individual performers, we must be able to first and always lead ourselves, then lead others, next lead teams and finally lead organizations. The seminars are therefore grouped underneath these categories. Those in italics are most often selected as priorities by clients.

These modules are normally 2 hours in length, except when noted otherwise.  Based on our team and   individual assessments, we prioritize needs and build modules into a customized Academy for your team. 


Leading Self


The skills needed by all people to be successful.  These refer to the personal skills needed to lead effective, meaningful lives and be role models to others.

Number/ Title

LS-1 Managing Stress in Yourself and Others 

LS-2 Managing Time             

LS-3 Personal Goal Setting 

LS-4 How to Be a Star at Work

LS-5 Emotional Intelligence: a key to effective relationships

LS-6 Effective Listening

LS-7 Improving Personal Efficiency

LS-8 Oral Communication

LS-9 Courageous Followership

LS-10 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

LS-11 Creating Your Personal Mission Statement: Discovering Your Legacy

LS-12 Working in a Team

LS-13 Building Personal Trustworthiness

LS-14 Leading a Balanced Life

LS-15 Flourishing in Change

LS-16 Getting Things Done: Improving Work Processes

LS-17 Developing Decision-making

LS-18 Networking

LS-19 Increasing Personal Power and Initiative

LS-20 Improving Personal Performance and Efficiency

LS-21 Personality and Learning-style Typing

LS-22 Rediscovering Joy: Returning to a Joyful Life

LS-23 Business Writing  (half to full day)

LS-24 The Strength-Based Employee 360-degree feedback peer reports in a half day seminar to create individual action plans


Leading Others


The skills needed for one-on-one influence and leadership.  These are the skills needed to influence others and many are pertinent to all employees, not just those in management positions.  They are also crucial skills to prepare “next-generation” leaders for promotion.  


LO-1 Understanding Leadership

LO-2 Building Trust with Others

LO-3 Effective Communication

LO-4 Interviewing and Hiring

LO-5 Delegating 

LO-6 Motivating and Empowering Others

LO-7 Dealing with Difficult People

LO-8 Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

LO-9 Managing Individual Performance 

LO-10 Coaching and Counseling 

LO-11  Mentoring

LO-12 Crucial Conversations™ Mastery Course (Two Day)  or breakout overview

LO-13 Crucial Confrontations™ Mastery Course (Two Day)  or breakout overview

LO-14 The Strength Based Leader™ w/ 360 feedback reports (One Day) 

LO-15 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™  (three day FranklinCovey program)

LO-16 Leading at the Speed of Trust (two day FranklinCovey program)


Leading Teams


The skills needed to lead and work with teams of 3 or more.    Ideal for all administrators and also faculty who work in collaborative teams.


LT-1 Building Teams 

LT-2 Creating Team Mission/Vision

LT-3 Leading Meetings 

LT-4 Goal Setting and Action Planning (Team)

LT-5 Execution: Creating Focus and Accountability

LT-6 Resolving Team Conflict 

LT-7 Negotiating 

LT-8 Project Management (1 or 2 day FranklinCovey Course)

LT-9 Creative Problem Solving (Team)

LT-10 Leading Change in your Team 

LT-11 Cross-gender Communication: men and women working in teams

LT-12 Leading Across Generations : motivating the four generations

LT-13 The Attitude Virus: Overcoming Workplace Negativity

LT-14 Giving Effective Feedback

LT-15 Delivering Effective Training (half day)

LT-16 8 PowerSkills of Effective Presenters

LT-17 7 Habits for Managers (two day FranklinCovey Course)

LT-18 Championing Diversity (one day FranklinCovey Course)


Leading Organizations


The skills needed for higher level organizational leadership.  Most are a half day in length unless noted otherwise


LORG-1 Creating Organizational Vision/Mission Statements

LORG-2 Strategic Thinking

LORG-3 Strategy into Execution: Bringing Strategy into Action

LORG-4 Leading Organizational Change        

LORG-5 Creating Learning Organizations

LORG-6 Building A Corporate Culture

LORG-7 Networking (Organizational)

LORG-8 4 Disciplines of Execution (multi-stage FranklinCovey Program)

LORG-9 Bulletproofing: Avoiding legal pitfalls

LORG-10 Six-Sigma/Lean Multi-day programs


Serving All


The end purpose of all organizations is to provide service in some form, and a main purpose of leadership is to make that happen better.  These customer service and sales/marketing modules build these skills.        


SA-1 Delivering World-class Customer Service

SA-2 Serving Difficult Customers

SA-3 Building and Leading a Service Team 

SA-4 Serving by Phone 

SA-5 Creating and Maintaining a Service Culture 

SA-6 Serving the Internal Customer

SA-7 SuperSelling: The Art and Techniques of Great Selling

SA-8 Marketing: Selling the Invisible and Other Strategies