Welcome to our Corporate Alliance Friends and Partners!

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VisionBound is delighted to join Corporate Alliance this year and hope we can make many new friends. Our goal is to help you release all the potential in your employees and teams.

As our way of saying hello, we would like to extend one or both of these free offers!

1.  We will conduct a Vital Signs Survey throughout your entire company!

This survey measures your staff opinions and garners their input on over thirty key "vital signs" of a healthy organization, ranging from leadership to morale and benefits to how well you run your meetings! The data flows anonymously into our server and we will then do a prioritization and analysis of the findings. Dr. Stephen R. Covey said, "Vision is the breakfast of Champions, Feedback is the Lunch of Champions, and Self-correction is the Dinner of Champions." Let us give you a great "lunch" of feedback to help you refine and reach your vision for 2014!

Check out the basic template for the survey here. We will customize the survey any way you wish.

2.  Speaking of lunch, we come to our second offer:  we will come and facilitate a 45 minute "lunch and learn" session to your leadership team on one of these selected topics listed below.

This not only gives you a great opportunity to hone a critical leadership skill, but also helps build a new relationship, which is what Corporate Alliance is all about!

Building Customer Loyalty

Leading a Service Team

Leading Effective Meetings


Interviewing and Hiring

Managing Personal and Team Stress

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Creating a Powerful Mission/Vision

Motivating and Empowering People

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Managing Time (Leading your Life!)

We invite you to look through our website and see the various ways we can develop your leaders, build a service culture and help you and your staff succeed. 

Don't forget to check out our exciting cruise-based leadership experiences at www.visionboundatsea.com. We can take you and your leaders or sales teams aboard an exciting week-long cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico or even Europe! On the two sea days, you will learn powerful leadership or sales skills (making it a tax write-off!) and enjoy unmatched opportunities to build relationships and just have relaxed fun. In port you are on your own to enjoy whatever you love: snorkeling, diving, sight-seeing, golfing, or just relaxing in some of the most beautiful places on earth! What could be better? We can set up a cruise just for your company, or you can band together with those from other companies to make some new friends!