We offer a wide variety of consulting services to our clients in the areas of leadership development, communication, professional development and related areas.  Some of these include:

  • Strategic planning off-sites: We can take groups of executives and senior leaders on off-sites to work on strategic planning, visioning, creating SMART goals and accountability systems and explore many facets of senior level/strategic leadership.
  • Developing long range training and development programs: We will help you determine your needs and priorities through our surveys and then custom-design training and development programs to meet those needs.
  • Personal development: We can help individuals reach their full potential through customizing our Finding Your Flow program offered by Dr. Bruce Jackson, as well as numerous workshops designed to enhance personal performance.
  • Executive and one-on-one coaching: We frequently counsel and assist individual leaders and executives one-on-one with individual issues and can help them assess their leadership and personality styles.
  • Performance and development systems: We help organizations develop futuristic and powerful performance and development assessment/appraisal systems.
  • Online learning systems: We can help you develop your staff through our VisionBound International Online Institute which has numerous seminars and workshops that you can subscribe to and reporting systems to show how your team members are progressing.
  • Healthcare consulting: Our healthcare experts, Beau Sorensen and Ben Forstner, can assist you in many areas of healthcare operations, including regulatory compliance; clinical and back office operations; human resources; finance, collections, and billing; employee and personal development; branding; marketing; and technological innovation (including web design, telehealth, and core systems evaluation and improvement).