Vision is the breakfast of champions, feedback is the lunch of champions, and self-correction is the dinner of champions.
— Dr. Stephen R. Covey

To become a champion, you need feedback. Our VisionBound team is committed to providing you the right kind of feedback that will enable you to move your team and your leaders to new levels. We also firmly believe in “diagnosing before we prescribe.” To that end, we offer a variety of powerful team assessment surveys at no or low cost,as well as our Strength-based Leader 360 system.

We give each assessment a unique URL, then send that URL to you to send out as a link to all the email addresses of a team. Those you want to survey simply click on the URL, fill in the survey and the data flows to us for tabulating, analyzing, graphing and reporting. The reports are sent back as Word or .pdf files.

We will administer any of the following surveys at no cost to your organization and provide you the results and a free consultation visit on our findings and recommendations.  We will customize the survey to meet your team’s design:

  1. Training Needs Assessment: This would go out to all employees in an organization, or separate ones could be created for different departments or branches, or both. This allows us to assist clients in designing a training plan. A healthcare version is found here. A school or district version is found here.
  2. Vital Signs Survey: An insightful survey that measures staff perspectives on about thirty vital signs of a healthy organization. A healthcare version is found here.
  3. Corporate Climate Survey: This assesses how employees feel about a broad range of factors in the company, such as communication, morale, information flow, recognition, and many other things. A healthcare version is found here.
  4. Customer Service Survey (Internal staff): An internal survey that goes out to all employees to get their "read" on how service is provided from their perspectives.
  5. Crucial Conversations Survey: We use this before bringing in the two day Crucial Conversations Seminar. We do this free for any group going through the CC seminar.

Other Surveys: These surveys vary in cost and are available to any organization.

  1. External Customer Service Survey: This can be sent out to any customers who you want to survey and we can run reports whenever you like as the data comes in.
  2. Strength-based Leader 360-Degree Profile: This tool can be done for any leader in an organization and allows the gathering of 360-degree feedback on an array of leadership skills. It produces a graphed report that provides useful and powerful feedback and insights to a leader. The full process is outlined here.
  3. Employee 360 Profile: VBI has created a simplified profile that can be done on an employee at any level in a company. It is a 360-degree profile that allows someone to gather input from their peers, boss, self, and even customers. It produces an individual feedback report that helps an employee see himself or herself through the eyes of others...both strengths and limitations.

Specialized Profiles: We also have created a number of special profiles:

  1. Healthcare Culture Survey: This survey is sent out to employees within a hospital or healthcare organization to assess the leadership climate, morale, and many other critical factors.
  2. Association Survey: This survey can be customized to go out to the members of your association to determine their level of satisfaction with their membership and garner ideas on what services they would like to have from their association.
  3. School District Culture Profile: This can be used by school principals and superintendents within their organizations to assess the overall morale, alignment and climate of their teams.
  4. City Internal Customer Service Survey: This is sent to all city employees for their feedback on how they perceive the service the city is offering the citizens.
  5. Greatness Survey: Determines how your team measures up in four areas of greatness. A healthcare version is found here.
  6. City Customer Service Survey: This is emailed out to as many city residents as possible, and hardcopy versions can be included in their water bills or whatever or made available at the service counters, library and so forth.
  7.  Family Profile: This goes out to members of an extended family and gathers in information on how they view their family.
  8. Also, we can help you custom create any imaginable type of survey. Contact us for further information.