In all of my experiences I have yet to see anyone who could command the attention of a room full of leaders the way that Kevin Miller does.
— Dr. Lonnie Barber, Superintendent, Blaine County School District

Tom Peters, the renowned international leadership expert, said it best: “Leadership….that’s it. Give me, for example, a rotten school system, a decrepit schoolhouse, a school-budget crisis but a great principal, and you’ve got a good-to-great school. Give me ‘great’ systems, great facility, etc., but a rotten principal and you’ve got a poor-to-awful school.”

Dr. Peter F. Drucker said “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusing and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.” 

Experience has shown all of this is true. Nothing makes as big a difference as having a great principal or superintendent team at the helm of a school or district. We also know that just appointing someone as an administrator does not make them a true leader. Even most educational doctoral programs teach how to administer and manage a school or district and are missing true leadership skills.  

The VisionBound Extraordinary Educator Leadership Institute is designed to overcome this gap. It will instill in all of your administrators the essential skills to truly lead your schools and district, not just administer it.

We do this through a systematic, competency-and-assessment based process, which can extend over a period of several years. We have brought together a team of outstanding educators and experienced leaders to present world-class programs such as Crucial Conversations, along with dozens of workshops targeted at specific skills. A full program outline can be seen and downloaded hereA list of the main programs scrolls below for quick reference.

We typically begin the process through a series of no or low-cost school and district wide surveys including our District Culture Report to give you a clear starting point view into the culture of your schools and the feelings, ideas and opinions of your educators and staff. Using these and other tools we can then customize the content of the Academies to exactly meet your most pressing needs. This is no “cookie cutter” approach because your team is unique in every way. 

Each leader will receive his or her own personalized Strength-based Leader 360 Degree Profile and will develop their own Individual Leadership Development Plan. We also can provide in-depth staff surveys of your school and district.

All of this can be packaged into a custom program depending on your goals and resources. In essence, you can entrust us to be your outsourced CLO for developing your leaders.

Contact us for more information and let's continue the process of turning your great administrative team into a great leadership team.

Conferences and Speaking Engagements


Kevin and the VisionBound team are also available for keynote presentations and breakout sessions at conferences and other educational events. A more detailed description of our sessions is available here.  

Institute Modules and Courses

The Institute is designed to bring both individuals and leadership teams to new levels of effectiveness. To be effective long-term leaders and individual performers, we must be able to first and always lead ourselves, then lead others, next lead teams, and finally lead organizations.  

These modules are normally 2 hours in length, except when noted otherwise. Based on our team and individual assessments, we prioritize needs and build modules into a customized institute for your team.

Leading Self

The skills needed by all people to be successful. These refer to the personal skills needed to lead effective, meaningful lives and be role models to others. These skills are very appropriate for staff and faculty as well.

  • Managing Stress  (LS-1)
  • Managing Time  (LS-2)
  • Personal Goal Setting  (LS-3)
  • Personal Ethics  (LS-4)
  • Emotional Intelligence  (LS-5)
  • Networking  (LS-6)
  •  Improving Personal Efficiency  (LS-7)
  • How to Be a Star at Work (LS-8)
  • Oral Communication  (LS-9)
  • Business Writing  (LS-10)  normally half to full day
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving  (LS-11)
  • Personality and Learning-style Typing (LS-12)
  • Business Etiquette  (LS-13)
  • Personal Mission Statements (LS-14)
  • Courageous Followership (LS-15)
  • Effective Listening (LS-16)
  • Working in a Team (LS-17)
  • Personal Initiative (LS-18)
  • Developing Decision Making (LS-19)
  • Supporting Change (LS-20)
  • Managing Personal Performance (LS-21)
  • Leading a Balanced Life (LS-22)
  • Joyology: Living Joyful Lives (LS-23)
  • Improving Work Processes (LS-24)
  • Building Trust (LS-25)
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities (LS-26)
  • The Strength-Based Employee (LS-27) 360-degree feedback reports presented in a one day seminar


Leading Others

The skills needed for one-on-one influence and leadership. These are the skills needed to influence others and many are pertinent to all employees, not just those in management positions. They are also crucial skills to prepare “next-generation” leaders for promotion.

  • Understanding Leadership (LO-1)
  • Modeling the Way (LO-2)
  • Interviewing and Hiring  (LO-3)
  • Delegating  (LO-4)
  • Motivating and Empowering Others (LO-5)
  • Managing Difficult People (LO-6)
  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict  (LO-7)
  • Managing Individual Performance  (LO-8)
  • Coaching and Counseling  (LO-9)
  • Mentoring  (LO-10)
  • Crucial Conversations™ Mastery Course (Two Day)  (LO-11)
  • Crucial Confrontations™ Mastery Course (Two Day)  (LO-12)
  • The Strength-Based Leader™ w/ feedback reports (One Day)  (LO-13)
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™  (three day program) (LO-14)
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust (one or two day) (LO-15)
  • Leadership: Great People, Great Teams, Great Results (3 days) (L0-16)

Leading Teams

The skills needed to lead and work with teams of 3 or more. Ideal for all administrators and faculty who work in collaborative teams.

  • Building Teams  (LT-1)
  • Leading Meetings  (LT-2)
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning (Team)  (LT-3)
  • Resolving Team Conflict  (LT-4)
  • Negotiating  (LT-5)
  • Project Management  (1 or 2 days) (LT-6)
  • Creative Problem Solving (Team) (LT-7)
  • Leading Change in your Team  (LT-8)
  • Cross-gender Communication (LT-9)
  • Leading Across Generations (LT-10)
  • Creating Team Mission/Vision (LT-11)
  • The Attitude Virus: Overcoming Workplace Negativity (LT-12)
  • Giving Effective Feedback (LT-13)
  • Delivering Effective Training (half day) (LT-14)
  • 8 PowerSkills of Effective Presenters (LT-15)
  • 7 Habits for Managers (two day FranklinCovey Course) (LT-16)
  • Championing Diversity (one day FranklinCovey course) (LT-17)

Leading Organizations

The skills needed for higher level organizational leadership. Most are around a half day in length or are noted otherwise

  • Strategic Thinking (LORG-1)
  • Leading Organizational Change  (LORG-2)
  • Strategic Planning: Turning Plans into Action  (LORG-3)
  • Creating Vision/Mission Statements (LORG-4)
  • Creating Learning Organizations (LORG-5)
  • BulletProofing: Avoiding legal pitfalls  (LORG-6)
  • Six-Sigma/Lean  (LORG-7)  Multi-day programs
  • Networking (Organizational)  (LORG-8)
  • Building Corporate Culture (LORG-9)
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution (multi-stage FranklinCovey program) (LORG-10)

Serving All

The end purpose of all organizations, including schools, is to provide service in some form, and a main purpose of leadership is to make that happen better. These customer service modules build these skills and are ideal for front office, custodial and food service staff, and all others who directly influence parents, students, and visitors.

  • Delivering World-class Customer Service  (SA-1)
  • Serving Difficult Customers/Co-workers  (SA-2)
  • Building and Leading a Service Team  (SA-3)
  • Serving by Phone  (SA-4)
  • Creating and Maintaining a Service Culture  (SA-5)
  • Serving the Internal Customer (SA-6)