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Attracting Top Talent: Essential Hiring Practices for Your New Business

Share it Unlock your team’s potential and elevate leadership skills with Visionbound International’s customized programs. Discover more and start your journey toward greatness today by visiting Visionbound. Starting a new business comes with a unique set of challenges, with one of the most critical being the assembly of a skilled and motivated team. The success […]

Winning Customer Loyalty : Your Key to Success!

Share it This is Kevin R. Miller, President of VisionBound International, welcoming you to my new blogs.  I started VisionBound in 1996 with the mission to Accelerate Greatness by Releasing Human Potential.  Since then, I have taught thousands of people in many organizations in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Africa in three major lanes: […]

Leaders, Take the Helm!

Share it Blog Number One in Leadership Series Leaders, Take the Helm!   Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog in the Leadership Series.  Perhaps you already enjoyed my blog on winning loyal customers.   I have been teaching leadership for over thirty years, all around the world.  It is simply the greatest “force […]