Microsoft SQL and Netsmart Homecare Query Training

This was perhaps the best training session I’ve ever attended.
— Neal Margulis, Lightbridge Hospice



Hospice East Bay

3470 Buskirk Ave
Pleasant Hill, CA - September 11-12, 2017

The Netsmart Homecare Query module allows you to pull out any information from Homecare and present it succinctly and powerfully. However, it does take some specialized skills to fully master. When it is paired with the tools of Microsoft SQL Management Studio, you can use a great visual interface to build reports that will give you powerful views into your company's performance.

This class will give you important knowledge of Microsoft SQL, SQL Server Management Studio, the Netsmart database structure, and the Netsmart query builder tool so that you can go back to your agency and get the information you need to drive the decisions that will dramatically improve your company.

We will use our class time to learn the Netsmart database structure and use the most common types of SQL commands to learn to create queries that you can take back to your agency to make an immediate impact. We work directly with you on queries that you bring from your agency so that you can take them back and apply them in your organization. This gives you the real-world experience that will help you to use Query and SQL effectively in your organizations.

Netsmart Homecare Superuser and Administrator Training: Clinical & Billing Workflow Setup, Dashboard, and Cube Usage

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The best way to improve your agency and your outcomes is to master your company's EMR. This can be challenging with staff turnover and institutional resistance to change. Nevertheless, Netsmart has made some significant changes over the past several years and in order for your agency to truly excel, it needs to master all the new tricks.

Learn how to reduce friction and improve the speed with which you can improve your processes. Come find out what the key parts of Netsmart are and what you need to do to reduce auditing time, increase quality, and improve your clinical and financial outcomes. You will also learn the latest things you can do to improve the Netsmart experience for your users and in turn accelerate cashflow, reduce turnover, and improve results.

One of the best additions to Homecare is the Netsmart Dashboard. It is an extremely powerful and versatile tool that is underused by most agencies because they don’t know how to use it. Learn how to parse, sort, and use this information to develop and track key performance indicators across your agency.

About your presenter

Beau is an excellent trainer and is very knowledgeable and engaging
— Michele Boyd, Mary Washington Home Health

Beau Sorensen has had 20 years of experience in the home health and hospice fields. He is the recipient of multiple technology awards including the Microsoft Health User Group Innovation Award, Allscripts Innovation Award, and the OnBase Real Solutions Award. He has used Allscripts at his agency for over 16 years and has used Allscripts to create over $20 million in efficiencies by reducing the need for office staff, increasing clinician productivity, and reducing overall IT and training costs.

Beau is a frequent presenter at the Allscripts Client Experience, NAHC conferences, and other national conferences, speaking on IT strategy, leadership development, and customer loyalty.